Wednesday, June 10, 2015


About a year ago, I started to randomly shake in my body. I don't mean a Parkinson's sort of shaking, where it's continuous. It was more like when someone gets a chill from out of the blue or when a person is suddenly frightened and the body instantaneously jerks. You
have no control. Your body just has a mind of its own. That was me, particularly last summer when it was happening all the time. The only thing was that I wasn't cold and no one frightened me either. I would just suddenly get an electric shock that charged through me, which made my arms and shoulders raise into the air in order to do their new twitching routine. Needless to say, I was getting a little tired from all this shuddering I was doing.

At about the same time, several other things happened. For starters, little grey hairs started popping out on the top of my head. I am now forty-nine, so it seemed reasonable to presume that age was the underlying factor. I certainly didn't question it then, but now I am not so sure. Could it be that it was one of many symptoms for a different issue all together? I wouldn't know the answer for awhile. I just had to continue down my life path to see where it led me. 

It led me to find that my list continued to grow. For one thing, while my lower back has been an issue for awhile, it has needed some additional work lately. Moreover, I developed a rash on both of my legs as well as my arms. Finally, I am a lifelong avid water drinker, which in turn means I have always gone to the bathroom regularly, but as of late I had started going about thirty times a day. I would often wake up five or even up to ten times during the night just to relieve myself. Worrying if there was a bathroom available at all times did not seem like a fun way to spend the last half of my life, that's for sure.

One thing after another was going wrong in my body, but I chalked it up to middle age. That's just what happens, right? It didn't occur to me that these symptoms might be related. They didn't seem to have anything in common with one another, so it's no wonder. Thankfully, I would eventually discover that that there actually was a common thread between them all.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago. when I was at my acupuncturist's office. As she placed the needles into my body, I began doing my twitching routine that was a common occurrence for me these days. I wasn't there for the twitching, but I felt inclined to talk to her about it. The first thing she asked me is how I feel about wind. She wondered if I detested it. 

"Well, I don't detest it. That's a little strong," I told her, "But it certainly is my least favorite weather pattern to be in. Why do you ask?"

Knowing full well that Chinese Medicine looks at the whole of the body and the environment, in order to find the source of an issue, I waited with anticipation to find out what she had to say.

"Tremors have a tendency to be about wind in the body and those who have a predominant amount of wind in the body tend not to like to be out in the wind either. The kidneys are related to this wind factor."

I thought that was interesting and I wanted to do a little more research on the subject. When I arrived home I woke Google up from its nap and put it to work for me. According to Chinese Medicine, everything she said was correct and lo and behold it turns that every single thing I had mentioned were symptoms of weak kidneys. 

So, I did what any reiki practitioner would do. I looked up where the kidneys were on the body and after finding out where they needed to go, I gently placed my hands onto my lower back. My entire body became overheated while my hands were on energetic overdrive. It was clear to me that my kidneys were indeed the cause of all these seemingly random issues and that I needed to take care of them. That very night after working on myself, I only woke up one time in the night to use the restroom. I was back to normal in just one session! 

I decided that I wasn't going to stop there though. I practiced reiki on my back regularly and for the next two weeks I laid on some of my quartz crystals so that the healing energy from these powerful master healing stones could do their thing too. Every time I placed the stones near my kidneys, energetic charges would soothe that space. So, I knew it was working. I also read that amber helps in healing kidneys. Ergo, I made my way to the crystal shop and found a couple of resin pieces in their raw form and began sleeping on top of those overnight. Each night I felt a cooling sensation on my kidneys with those stones. It felt like I was being nurtured from the inside out. I suppose that nurturing was exactly what I needed.

Considering the fact that what we put into our bodies is paramount in directing our health one way or the other, I put on my investigative cap once again to find out what was my best resource for my dietary medicine cabinet. Any organic foods that are black are apparently good for the kidneys. Accordingly, I added blackberries and black sesame seeds to my shopping list and those items found themselves into my diet. They not only taste good, they are good for me too!

Since my day of revelation, I, of course, asked my acupuncturist to work on my kidneys every time I see her to add more healing goodness to my healing toolkit.

Finally, the most important healer for the kidneys is releasing stress. I have been one big fat stress bag for quite some time, so it seemed to me that I had to do some meditating dedicated to the releasing of my stress. In a quiet state I told my kidneys that I loved them. I honored them. I thanked them for bringing all this awareness in my body so that I could take action towards healing them. Just by virtue of paying heed to this particular part of my body seemed to help in the physical healing of it.

According to, the kidneys are the cleanup crew that "remove wastes and extra water from the blood to form urine." If the kidneys are not healthy then one can conclude that the waste in the body would not be processed properly and it would stand to reason that this alone would reek havoc on the body in various ways. Case in point, all my various issues.

The good news is that it is not a life sentence. It has been three weeks since my wind/kidney diagnosis and the only time I have any tremors is when I am receiving energetic healing from my acupuncturist or massage therapist. These are normal reactions for some people during energetic sessions so I am fine with that. Other than these few occurrences, I am tremor free. My rash is nearly gone too, while my lower back if feeling pretty good, as well. I am not sure if it has affected the color of my hair or not, but regardless of that, the rest of me is on the road to recovery—and that is certainly a good thing.

Thank you for reading about my Organic Bliss!

***Please keep in mind that all healing tools that I discuss on this blog are what worked for me. Every 'body' is different and therefore each person must find the treatments that works best for them. Also, I am not a medical doctor, so please consult your physician prior to trying any remedies offered on this site.

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