Friday, January 23, 2015

Food is Medicine—Tip of the Day:

Eczema, dermatitis or rough feet getting you down? Why not try Hemp Cocoa Balm? It is 100% edible and is made from organic coconut oil, hemp oil, beeswax, cocoa-butter, almond oil, shea butter, vitamin e and sweet birch essential oil. It’s not only organic, it has a
nice fragrance too. The most important thing is that it works! I use it daily and I certainly notice the difference in my skin. So remember, be sensible and treat your body right. It is your temple after all! 

To find more information about Hemp Cocoa Balm, please visit their site at 

Thank you for reading about my Organic Bliss!

***Please keep in mind that all healing tools that I discuss on this blog are what worked for me.  Every 'body' is different and therefore each person must find the treatments that works best for them.  Also, I am not a medical doctor, so please consult your physician prior to trying any remedies offered on this site.