Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Food is Medicine—Tip of the Day:

ORGANIC Cinnamon helps to reduce your glycemic index. That means that if you are having difficulty with your blood sugar, organic cinnamon may help keep you in check. I am hypoglycemic and have sprinkled cinnamon on my morning grains for nearly a year and it
definitely helps. Does this mean, you can go out and eat a bucket load of sugar and just use cinnamon to counteract the affects? No, of course not. Be sensible and treat your body right. It is your temple after all.

Thank you for reading about my Organic Bliss!

***Please keep in mind that all healing tools that I discuss on this blog are what worked for me.  Every 'body' is different and therefore each person must find the treatments that works best for them.  Also, I am not a medical doctor, so please consult your physician prior to trying any remedies offered on this site.