Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Healing Hemorrhoids Organically

Shhh! No one wants to talk about the dreaded topic of the all too common hemorrhoid. I first learned about what these were from a friend when I was in the seventh grade. She swore me to secrecy that I never ever ever tell anyone that she had them. When I
explained that I didn't even know what a hemorrhoid was, she gave me her best descriptive version. "They are swollen veins in the anus that are caused by stress! Mine can be the size of golf balls!" 

Ouch! While they are not always that large, they can nevertheless be equally painful. Needless to say, that did not sound particularly pleasant to me. And since that fateful day of learning about these painful pustules, I have been told over and over again by so many people that they too are afflicted with hemorrhoids, that I wonder if actually more of us have them than not. The good news is that there are organic treatments out there that work to relieve the pain and reduce the swelling of these unwanted inconveniences. And since they come from nature, your body will not have to put up with any detrimental chemicals being introduced to it from allopathic pharmaceuticals. Hallelujah!


First and foremost, one needs to introduce an anti-inflammatory into their system to reduce the swelling.  Turmeric has over two dozen anti-inflammatory compounds in it and is the perfect remedy for any of your inflammation blues. Turmeric is a perennial plant of the ginger family. Often used in Indian cuisine, its bright yellow-orange color is topped only by its pungent flavor. Taken orally, a small dose of turmeric mixed with the sweetness of a good unprocessed honey reduces the inflammation that cause so many ailments, including hemorrhoids, that this particular spice is a must-have in one's kitchen. To learn more about the healing properties of this super-spice, read my post Turmeric: The Anti-Inflammatory and More


Witch-hazel is a primarily North American, Japanese and Chinese deciduous shrub. Its oil is used as an astringent and aids in the constriction of the swelling. Thayers Original Witch Hazel brand with Aloe Vera has both organic witch-hazel and aloe vera in its formula. Used topically in the morning after your first bowel movement and in the evening before bed, will help to rid minor skin irritations. 

Other Astringents:

If witch-hazel isn't your thing, there are a whole host of organic astringents that are available. The more common ones include alum, acacia, alcohol, bayberry, Bragg's Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (or other organic distributors), sage, and yarrow.

Proper Cleaning:

We Americans have a tendency to ignore the subject of cleaning one's backside, but it is very important in maintaining your health and well-being. There is a reason why the phrase, 'Cleanliness is next to Godliness,' exists. Bacteria resides in fecal matter and it can wreak havoc on our constitution. Granted some bacteria is good for you, but not all of them.  That being said, in some cultures, proper cleaning after each bowel movement is a must. Toilet paper simply cannot do the job as well as a good organic soap can. Add a washcloth and water either from a bidet or a handheld shower-head to the mix and you have a winning combination for your clean living. Moreover, maintaining proper cleanliness not only helps to release the pain when a hemorrhoid flares up, it also is helpful in preventative medicine. 


My friend in the seventh grade was right—stress is a leading cause in the outbreak of hemorrhoids. Meditation helps to ward off any and all stress-related ailments. Plus, it assists in shifting our moods to a more harmonious state, enabling us to relieve much of our internalized tension. 

Furthermore, during meditation, you may feel obliged to repeat in your mind what you must learn from this hemorrhoid that has afflicted you. Once you know the root cause, you may be able to avoid it from happening in the future. If it does come back, then continue asking what it is you need to learn from the experience so that you may move on.

As always, we must find what works best for our own individual bodies to find a cure, but I hope these ideas help you on your way in finding your perfect healing solution.

Thank you for reading about my Organic Bliss!

***Please keep in mind that all healing tools that I discuss on this blog are what worked for me.  Every 'body' is different and therefore each person must find the treatments that works best for them.  Also, I am not a medical doctor, so please consult your physician prior to trying any remedies offered on this site.