Friday, July 25, 2014

Cancer is Curable NOW: A Review

"The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause as well as the prevention of disease."
-Thomas Edison

Cancer is not a disease of a particular body part.  According to the documentary, Cancer is Curable NOW, it is a condition of the entire body. It is caused from our lifestyle choices. The physical, mental/emotional and Spiritual aspects of our Being all play a role in what shows up for us in our corporeal self. Unfortunately, for generations, we have been trained to think that a medical doctor is somehow akin to the word of God.  What he says goes and that's it.  It doesn't matter that he may only spend less than a minute with us.  It doesn't matter that he has no idea what our lifestyle choices are. He simply writes out the prescription and moves onto the next patient.  Done deal.  

The truth is that we can't rely on the proverbial pill (that is filled with toxins, I might add) to cure whatever ails us. We have to make change. Radical lifestyle change. It's not about eating right for five minutes only to go back to our old habits. Rather, it is imperative to consciously shift every aspect of how we live. But, the medical industry that is held hostage by the pharmaceutical companies doesn't want us to know that. Curing cancer would kill a 125 billion (with a "B") annual business. So, why would anyone in the medical/pharmaceutical industry want to restore us to our genuine health and well-being, when we are lining their pockets with gold.

Exercise, diet, meditation, releasing stress, and so on are crucial factors to getting to the core of why we manifest any disease.  At the same time, these healthy choices gives us the ability to release any ailment into the wild blue yonder. The documentary discusses how exercise reduces cancer cells by 50%. That is an incredibly high number, from something we can do for free and without putting the damaging toxins into our body from chemotherapy. Moreover, Nature doesn't have side-effects, but the same cannot be said of conventional medicines, where vomiting, hair loss and so on are just par for the course.

Furthermore, oxygen intake, Vitamin D, especially in healthy doses from the sun, Vitamin K from raw organic vegetables, consuming essential fatty acids, and stopping the ingestion of sugar (which is in most, if not all, processed food and beverages including alcohol and our breakfast juices) are all important factors in creating healing within the body. In fact, sugars feed cancer cells. Yet, the last time I was at the hospital they served juice, jello and other sugars as a part of their culinary selection. It is truly appalling.

There are countless so-called alternative therapies that have proven to be successful. Each of them actually improves the quality of life instead of hindering it. This documentary mentions several of them. It is definitely a must watch. Whether we are sick or not, we have an opportunity to take our health care out of the hands of corporate bullies. It is time to honor Nature and it is time Nurture ourselves at every level.

To learn more about what the doctors, holistic practitioners, scientists and authors have to say on the matter, watch the trailer for the movie below and then visit their Truly Heal website.

Thank you for reading about my Organic Bliss.


***While I personally agree with the findings in this film, our own beliefs create our reality.  It is important to do exactly what each of us is guided to do regarding our own healing.  If that means it is important for someone to see a Western medical practitioner and then that is exactly what they should do.***