Saturday, June 21, 2014

A Food Revolution: Mark Bittman's Classroom

Cow farts.  That's what this guy talks about.  Sure, we can laugh about it—but, flatulence jokes aside, the methane produced from livestock is the second most leading contributor to the greenhouse effect. These gaseous emissions are leading to the catastrophic
destruction of our planet. While corporate raiders have been hiding behind marketing teams for decades, scientists now agree that global warming is a reality and it is being caused by industrialized farming.

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In his candid TED Talk, Mark Bittman, breaks down the history of our food consumption over the last century, explaining how we have moved from one side of the spectrum where we once ate locally grown and real food to becoming not only a fast food nation, but a fast food world.  Our mechanized farming practices have literally changed the way we look and feel as individuals and how the planet itself looks and feels, as well.

Mr. Bittman is the bestselling author of How to Cook Everything and VB6: Vegan Before 6p.m. He was also a contributor to the New York Times food section for thirteen years.  He is passionate about food and the treatment of our planet.  I highly encourage us all to step into his twenty minute classroom.

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